Protect Local Waterways

A guide on how local government leaders can help protect the health and vitality of local waterways.

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Set the Course for Your Community

Local government leaders are key decision makers in creating healthy, vibrant communities. When you take action to protect local landscapes and waterways, you’re taking action to help your communities thrive.

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Environmental Protection Supports Your Priorities

Environmental health affects more than our air, land and water: It affects a range of priorities that matter to you and your constituents.

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    Economic Development
  • A heart and a plus sign, indicating public health and safety.
    Public Health and Safety
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    Infrastructure Maintenance and Finance
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Use Our Learning Library To:

  1. Achieve Beneficial Outcomes for Your Community

    Learn how your actions to protect and restore the environment can support education, economic development, public health and safety, and infrastructure.

  2. Review Case Studies

    See how communities like yours have preserved local landscapes, protected residents from environmental risks and built up their green economy.

  3. Download Presentations, Fact Sheets and Infographics

    Customize these materials and use them to build support for environmental issues.

  4. Find Solutions

    Engage your community in protecting the health and vitality of local waterways.

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Capitalizing on the Benefits of Trees

Trees benefit local communities, offering natural, low-cost solutions to many municipal problems. In this module, you’ll learn about the benefits of trees and how you can expand tree cover across your community.

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Guide Reviews

“We’ve been sharing the modules with all of the town officials in Delaware and right off the bat, at least 50% are actively accessing and using the materials, so it’s been very successful here.”
The Honorable H. Donovan Phillips, Jr. Local Government Advisory Committee Member and Former Councilmember, Town of Laurel, DE
“The Local Government Guide is a great tool to educate elected officials and local government leaders in key Bay issues. I used the guide to brief the Chesapeake Bay Policy Committee of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments. The resources were very appreciated by the newly elected leaders in particular! Many of them have a very short period of time to get up to speed on important issues. The guide covers a broad swath of issues, so whether you are rural or urban, there’s great info in there.”
Shannon Moore Director of the Division of Energy and Environment, Frederick County, MD
“The fact sheets are invaluable for allowing quick conversations to introduce important Bay topics that may be unfamiliar to some. The modules allow elected officials to gain a deeper understanding of the topics they are most interested in. Being able to edit them for focus is very helpful.”