Capitalizing on the Benefits of Trees: A Local Government Guide to the Chesapeake Bay

[Opening shot of sunlight shining through the bright green leaves of a tree branch.]

Trees benefit your local community and are low-cost solutions to many municipal issues.

[Aerial shot of a riverside community park.]

Trees have benefits for the economy, environment, agriculture, and public health.

[Aerial shot of a small downtown street, with people walking along the sidewalk; aerial shot of agricultural lands on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay.]

Proximity to a natural forest increases property value.

[Shot of fall foliage on the outskirts of a city skyline; shot of autumn trees in a suburban neighborhood.]

Outdoor recreation has billions in economic value.

[Shot of a pileated woodpecker pecking at a fallen tree; shot of a father carrying his young daughter on his shoulders and a fly fishing pole in his hand as he wades through a stream; shot of a hiker walking up a wooded trail.]

Trees remove hundreds of tons of pollution in the United States annually.

[Aerial shot of green treetops over a mountain range; shot of a clear stream.]

Strategically planted trees on farms can reduce soil erosion and prevent pollutants from reaching local waterways.

[Aerial shot of a farm surrounded by forests.]

Trees have mental health benefits for the community.

[Shot of an adult helping a young girl learn how to ride a bike; shot of a park bordering a river.]

Time spent in nature and among trees can improve academic outcomes.

[Shot of children planting shrubs.]

You can improve tree cover across your community to optimize benefits.

[Aerial shot of fall foliage, with some trees already bare.]

Consider setting a tree canopy goal, to increase the area shaded by trees.

[Shot of woman driving a stake into the ground to support a newly planted tree.]

Plant trees to provide streamside buffers which help meet stormwater requirements.

[Shot of an adult helping a child drive a support stake for a newly planted tree into the ground.]

Protecting forests through conservation measures will help have major economic benefits for your community.

[Aerial shot of fall foliage in a rural area, bisected by a two-lane road and a calm stream.]

[Black screen.]

As a local leader, you can make decisions that support the preservation and restoration of tree cover in your community. Visit to learn more.