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Website design, development and continued maintenance are handled by the Chesapeake Bay Program’s Web Development and Support Team. The content for this website was provided by Green Fin Studio in collaboration with the Web Team. Module files and presentation assets were developed by Green Fin Studio. Unless otherwise noted, all imagery, video and audio material are courtesy the Chesapeake Bay Program.

Site Management

This site is managed by the Local Government Advisory Committee and Local Leadership Workgroup.

The Local Government Advisory Committee was established in 1987 to advise the Chesapeake Executive Council on engaging local governments in working toward the Chesapeake Bay Program’s goals. The committee shares the views and insights of local government leaders with state and federal decision-makers, and enhances the flow of information about the Chesapeake Bay among local governments.

The Local Leadership Workgroup was established in 2014 to increase the knowledge and capacity of local officials on issues related to water resources, and in the implementation of economic and policy incentives that will support local conservation efforts.

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